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How to Prepare for our Arrival.

At Happy Home Wash thoroughly completing our leaning services for you is just as important as protecting your personal property in the process.  In order to do so properly we do need your help by completing a few tasks prior to our arrival in order to protect everything involved.

1.  If possible, move the vehicles out of the driveway and on to the street.  This will protect the vehicles from potential     

     overspray as well as open up the work area to allow us to efficiently clean in this area without obstructions.  If it is not 

     possible to move the vehicles into the street please speak with our office prior to the scheduled service date to discuss the

     best alternative.  

2.  Remove all furniture, potted plants, trash cans, personal items, cushions, televisions or any other personal items at least 20'       from the home in order to protect them from potential overspray of cleaning solution and potential breakage that could occur       during the process.  

3.  Ensure that all windows are closed and locked prior to Soft Wash cleaning.  If any windows are unable to be locked closed         or are broken/ cracked please bring it to our attention prior to the scheduled cleaning appointment by texting us with any             concerns at (856) 223-7656.

We have put these requests in place to protect your home and belongings as well as our technician on site.  Our ability to work efficiently is essential to maintain the affordability of our services, the safety of our technicians and the safety of your home and belongings. We appreciate your attention to these details and if for any reason you have questions about these requests please let us know by calling or texting (856) 223 - 7656.

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